These are the dangers of home whitening

Many people want a beautiful white smile. Why is this attribute so demanded? Well, its effects on personal aesthetics are significant. However, for various reasons, there are those who opt for domestic methods to whiten their teeth, instead of going to a specialist.

These home remedies are very popular among people, who resort to them as a practical and economic alternative. After all, utensils are used that are present in the daily life of the home. Therefore, they are very comfortable and easy to apply.

However, it is worth asking: how recommended are these procedures?

An old commonplace says that the cheap is expensive.

First, it should be noted that a teeth whitening is a procedure that should not be taken lightly. Even more so when there are now countless processes that promise a splendid smile, without taking into account the possible consequences and risks that can occur in the patient’s mouth if the work is not performed by a professional dentist.

Home whitening and whitening pastes have gained many followers since they made their appearance in the market. In fact, they have inspired other offers of treatments in aesthetic clinics, hairdressers and spas, who sometimes use bleaching substances that are not used correctly. Therefore, they do not provide real results, only transients.

In that sense, an article published in the newspaper ABC, quotes specialists to refer to this topic. There, they explain that the application and the misuse of certain abrasive materials only give an aesthetic result, since they only scratch the tooth, “and when scratched it seems whiter.”This is not advisable, since “the enamel is the only fabric of the human being that does not reproduce itself”. That is, if it is lost, it is lost forever. As it has been seen, the abuse done to the tooth due to ignorance can be very great. These unsupervised procedures can result in:

  • Extreme sensitivity
  • Loss of enamel, to such a level that very intense pains arise, especially in a tooth with the presence of caries.

That said, it is recommended that bleaching be applied by experts. Thus, fundamental details are taken into account such as:

  • type of enamel
  • permeability
  • sensitivity
  • lifestyle compatibility with the treatment

All these factors have an impact on the final result. It should be noted that the dangers to which a person is exposed in a whitening without supervision can be very painful. It is important to ensure that these treatments are safe and with reduced side effects, before exposing the mouth to any risk.

People with gum diseases should be the most cautious before putting into practice any home method, as they can suffer severe damage due to bad practice during the process. This can then lead to extensive and costly processes to solve a problem that could have been prevented.

These individuals are advised to attend dental offices or dental aesthetic surgery in dubai, where they are properly evaluated and prescribed a treatment with the best materials, according to their condition.

As stated above, it is a delicate process and must be carried out by a specialist with professional quality methods. Thus, people will avoid a bad time and in the long run they will save money. In that sense, we must be very careful with the unwanted effects of some homemade implements.

For example:

  • Lemon, because it weakens the enamel with its acidic properties.
  • Salt, its use in excess deteriorates the gums.
  • The classic sodium bicarbonate, which is considered a powerful abrasive element, which can damage tooth enamel .
  • Hydrogen peroxide, since it modifies the bacterial flora of the mouth, which can result in a different coloration of the tongue.

Experts agree that these processes can be used at specific times. However, its prologue use may be contrary to the desired one. Rather they would contribute to the destruction of the tooth, which could result in irreparable damage. If this is the case, the only possible solutions would be aesthetic treatments, such as dental veneers (very thin porcelain prostheses).

In any case, they will never have the same effect as a good specialized treatment.

Tips to show a beautiful and healthy smile

●     Maintain a diet with foods low in dyes.

●     Avoid the consumption of elements such as coffee, black tea (it is recommended to replace it with white or green tea), alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, among others.

●     Maintain proper oral hygiene .

●     Visit the dentist for a cleaning every six months or at least every year.

●     Make sure that a specialist is in control and evaluation of the treatment.

●     Verify that the dental clinic in which the treatment is performed has the appropriate specialists and dental equipment.

●     Faced with irreparable and notorious damage to any part of the tooth, opt for dental veneers.

To conclude, it should be noted that all specialists indicate that it depends on the patient that teeth whitening methods take effect and maintain their results. It is they who are in charge of adequately continuing the indications and recommendations of the dentists.


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