The Best Benefits of Cycling to Consider

The Best Benefits of Cycling to Consider

There are multiple benefits of cycling. Some say they can be as many as the number of lanes you can bike on. If you are trying to compare cycling with other sports, before you choose one, get to know first the many health benefits of cycling.

Cycling can help with weight loss.

Cycling burns a lot of calories with an average of 400 to 1,000 per hour of course depending on the weight of the rider and the intensity. There are other factors that affect cycling such as the quality of sleep, the composition of the calories consumed that affects the frequency of your refueling, and the amount of time spent on burning calories. All these will depend on how much you enjoy cycling.

You’re allowed to have second breakfasts.

When you cycle to work, you can add guilt-free snacks to your day. Just a half-hour ride to work may be able to burn between 200 to 500 calories. This entitles you to have a second breakfast on your desk. If your aim is to lose weight, you can do the morning ride in an empty stomach. This habit is however reserved for the hard core ones.

Cycling is a low impact sport.

Cycling is not like running which is weight bearing. It means that running is more prone to injuries compared to cycling which is low impact. Scientists compared runners and cyclists and found out that runners suffered 133-144 percent more muscle damage and 200 percent more inflammation than the cyclists.

Cycling improves general well-being.

A YMCA study revealed that people who are physically active had a higher score in well-being compared to the inactive ones. Exercise can boost your mood in so many ways such as losing weight, achieving feats such as learning a new sport, confidence building, and the simple release of endorphins and adrenalin. Cycling enables you to exercise and be enjoy the outdoors. You can ride alone which is a good time for contemplation while riding with a group may increase your social circle.

Cycling gives you better lung health.

People who ride bikes are exposed to much less fumes than those who ride cars. This is based on a study conducted by the Kings College London, Healthy Air Campaign, and the Camden Council. The results revealed that the driver had five times higher pollution levels than the cyclist and the walker.

Cycling can prevent heart disease and cancer.

Cycling gets your heart pumping and raises your heart rate. This helps to burn calories and reduces the chances of your being overweight. A study done by the University of Glasgow revealed that cycling can reduce the rider’s risk of getting heart disease or cancer by half.

Cycling also develops muscle.

One other benefit of cycling is that it does not only burn calories; it also builds muscles. Muscle is leaner compared to fat. People who have a higher percentage of muscle can burn more calories even when they are sedentary. You won’t have quads unless you spend some time at the squat track, but at least you will develop a great derriere.

Cycling will always be a healthy habit so buy bicycle online Australia now.


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