Take care of your heart

Take care of your heart

In the human body, there are various organs that control and run the body in different manners. The heart is the main organ which is responsible for pumping the blood in the whole body. However, there are many factors that affect the function of the heart in a negative manner and hence it has to face troubles while functioning. It offers various symptoms to the body that one needs to understand and take corrective measures so that it can run smoothly.

Cardiovascular conditions have an effect on a number of people in the world than any other disease. It is a complex organ that contains a lot of moving parts, person’s heart needs a broad spectrum of specialized to general services for the cardiovascular system to make certain better care for the patient.

A person dies after every few seconds from heart disease in the country whereas a number of cardiovascular conditions are able to be treated successfully, if they are not able to be prevented, at the hands of expert doctors. You are able to find a top cardiologist in India in many institutes that tend to assemble a multidisciplinary team that enjoys international, and national fame like cardiologists, intervention cardiologists, vascular as well as cardiovascular surgeons, cardiac imaging experts, electrophysiologists and also extremely trained specialists all of them work to treat patients effectively.

Almost all patients make access to cardiovascular services by means of general cardiology programme. The cardiovascular conditions that are treated in the institutes and hospitals are as given under:

Disorders found in heart valves

Congestive heart failure

Irregular heart rhythms

Coronary heart disease



High cholesterol

Symptoms of Heart Disease

The signs associated with heart disease are shortness of your breath accompanied by pain in the upper part of your chest. All such signs point towards a serious heart disease or they can be due to other health issues such as anemia, asthma, obesity, and soreness of muscles. As your physician does discard any non-heart factors, the well-trained cardiologist is able to identify any cardiovascular reason responsible for the signs as:

Breathing rapidly

In case you feel winded, it is a sign accompanied with a lot of heart disorders. Such symptoms can be due to faulty heart valves, cardiomyopathy- weak heart muscle, or closed off arteries. It can be a chronic issue that has lately become serious or one that has come up abruptly. In relation to the shortness of your breath, it can be sign of your heart not functioning as it should to provide the body with necessary energy.

Pain with chest discomfort

It is also referred to as angina; you must see that chest pain pertaining to heart disease are able to feel dull, sharp, squeezing, aching, burning, or stabbing which is dependent upon some factors that may include the position of the body, if you happen to have exerted or not.  Heart attack, tear found in the coronary artery, viral infection occurred in the lining of the heart can be counted as some of the reasons responsible for chest pain of different severity.


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