Randal Benjamin 3 Key Attributes Which Make Great Basketball Players Stand Out

Randal Benjamin 3 Key Attributes Which Make Great Basketball Players Stand Out

People simply love watching their favorite basketball players in major NBA tournaments. The way they dribble the ball and pass it to their teammates mesmerizes them. The audience becomes ecstatic when they succeed in throwing the ball into their opponents’ net.  Young children regard such professionals as their role models. These youngsters consider them to be a cut above the rest. They aspire to become like them when they grow up. They even make it a point to learn the sport at a very early age. However, very few of them are able to turn their dreams into reality. There are certain unique attributes and skills they need to have to perform at this level.

Randal Benjamin – What qualities make a basketball player stand out among the crowd?

Randal Benjamin is a professional basketball and football player from Las Vegas. When he is not practicing, he loves to share his thoughts about the sport with other people. He is an ardent fan of Los Angeles Lakers. However, he also loves watching Oakland Raiders play in NBA tournaments. He even goes out of the way to teach young children how to the game.  This ardent basketball enthusiast encourages the parents encourages to do the same. After all, they come to know of the importance of being physically fit. This is better than spending time on their smartphones. Moreover, the game also introduces and imparts in them other vital life skills.

This ardent enthusiast points out the following three important characteristics common in all great professional basketball players:

  1. Mental toughness

This is an attribute which distinguishes great basketball player from the mediocre ones. When their teams are on the verge of losing the match, they take charge of the situation. They inspire others with their performance and fighting spirit. They remain calm under pressure and lead from the front to turn around the match. This is the reason why the crowd regards such professionals as showstoppers.

  1. Work Ethic

Great basketball players don’t become famous in a day. The work very hard during the practice session with their teammates to reach this level. For this, they need to make many sacrifices in personal lives and leisure time. Most people are unaware of this fact. They make it a point to put in plenty of effort to perfect their skills. Many of them even go out to their way to help their co-players in this regard. These professionals are aware that they couldn’t reach their present position without their support.

  1. Attitude

Almost all great basketball players have a positive attitude towards life in general and game. This is what distinguishes them from others. They take success and failure in their stride. If their team loses a particular match, they don’t find excuses. They don’t blame their teammates, coach or even the referee for the defeat. Many of them even question their own performance. These professionals consider it a lesson they need to learn.

Randal Benjamin says most youngsters around the world love to play basketball. However, only a handful of them grows up to achieve fame and success in the sport. They need to have the above three important characteristics to stand out. Only then do people regard them as legends.


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