Peter Max- Spreading the Message of Pop Art Culture Across the World

Pop art culture has been popular in the UK and the USA since 1950. If you closely examine pop art in detail, you come across a lot of bold themes and vibrant colors that transmit the perfect message to the masses. There are very few artists that have inspired millions across the world in the field of pop art. They have imagined amazing things and have painted them on canvas to forget unforgettable pieces of art with success.

Peter Max- Neo-Expressionism And Graphical Art in the USA

Peter Max is a well-known artist in graphic art, pop art, and neo-expressionism in the USA. He has been in the field of pop art for over 50 years, and he is known for the use of vibrant styles, colors, and forms in his paintings. Born in 1937, he was inspired by his mom and dad to take up art professional. He underwent formal training under eminent teachers, and his family traveled to China, Israel and Paris. He was raised near a Buddhist monastery in China and influenced his love for cosmic art. His paintings are widely exhibited in museums and galleries across the world. Agents say that people throng museums and galleries to see his colorful works of art. If you check his Facebook Page, you can get a glimpse into his amazing artwork that says a lot about the current and future times. He pays a lot of attention to detail when a new idea strikes him. He devotes time to create unique pieces that are loved by both young and old art lovers.

The Psychedelic Movement

Before he became a world famous artist that stole hearts with his work, he studied at The Art Students League in New York under the tutelage of Frank J Reilly. He went on to study at The School of Visual Arts in New York and started his career in the field of advertising. He was the creator of the 7-Up campaign in 1968. He became involved with the psychedelic movement in 1960 and created some stunning posters for musical bands of this era. He is known for the Statute of Liberty Series that he started in 1976. This unique series was created to commemorate 200 years of American Independence. Besides the above, he is an environmentalist and an ardent political activist. He is known for his spectacular artwork on Planet Earth. Most of his work is still on display at The Museum of Modern Art in the USA. Fans of this eminent artist may visit this museum to see some of his best work.

Peter Max has created the portraits of 6 American Presidents, and they can be seen in the American Embassies in America. He also painted the popular 100 Clintons Installation in 1993. Age has not slowed him down, and he is still passionate about art and continues to churn out some amazing artwork even till date. He is a talented artist and one of the best the world has ever seen!


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