Jeff Breault – How Does Good Vision of Race Tracks Help Automotive Racing Drivers?

Jeff Breault – How Does Good Vision of Race Tracks Help Automotive Racing Drivers?

Jeff Breault is the Vice President of the Carey, Thomas, Hoover & Breault brokerage firm in Wichita and he is passionate about automotive racing. Jeff Breault loves cars and never misses a racing tournament. Besides car racing, he is fond of country music and listens to it on a regular basis. When it comes to automotive racing, he says professional drivers must develop basic skills to excel on the tracks. One of them is to have good foresight and vision. Fast driving of a racing car is not the same as a regular car, and this is where a good vision of the track helps professional drivers to win the race.

Are vision and eyesight the same?

There is a common confusion between vision and eyesight in the field of automotive racing. Both are not similar. The term “vision” denotes the driver should have a good knowledge of the circuit for car racing. It is prudent for him to be aware of all the circuit corners and be consistent in performance on the field. With the help of good vision, every professional driver can identify mistakes and eliminate them in the process. The development of good vision does not take place overnight, and it requires time. With the passage of time gradually, the driver is able to master the skills of vision of the racing track and become more proficient when it comes to controlling cars on tracks.

Practice makes one perfect

Jeffery Breault adds practice makes one perfect. The professional driver needs to accumulate as much information as possible when driving on the field. Whether it comes to acceleration, brakes, and steering, the driver should be aware of when to apply them correctly. The skills of absorbing everything on the racing track well is vital for the development of vision. Each spot of the racing circuit should be noted down in the mind so that the driver’s performance can improve.

Attention and detail improve performance

On the professional racing track, the driver has to pay attention to detail. This is one of the topmost positive traits of good car racing drivers. New drivers have to pick up the skills of vision with practice. Limited vision of the track hampers performance, and often the driver does not have the time to make the right choices especially when it comes to braking, throttle engagement turn-in, etc.

Jeff Breault adds that vision means to look ahead and beyond the racing track. The trick here is to be proactive while making the right choices at the correct time. When it comes to vision, one must be aware of the circuit beforehand. This helps professional drivers to improve performance. Research and knowledge give the driver a competitive edge. New drivers should work on their vision and with every race learn from their mistakes. With this process, the professional driver in the field of racing cars is able to become consistent in performance and master the track with good vision with success!


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